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TV test

By mick, 2014-03-03

Live TV Online

please be patient while the player loads...

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Skype via S2K Website

By mick, 2014-01-13

I've now added a Skype facility to the S2K Website.

Ross and I had great fun getting it set up and working yesterday. This will be a great communication asset for S2K that will allow members, tutors, and staff to easily talk to each other using Skype.

If anyone wants to check it out you will need to log into S2K and go to your profile settings. Add your Skype username in the box provided and save. Next, open up Skype and log in. Return to your S2K profile and refresh the page. You should now see a small Skype button on your profile with your online status showing 'Online'.

If the skype button continues to show that you're offline, you might need to adjust your Skype settings to not go into 'away' status after a set period of time (usual default setting is 20 minutes). Also, make sure to set Skype calls from anyone, not just your group of contacts. Refreshing your S2K profile page should now show the Skype button as 'Online'.

Adding the Skype button to your profile means that other S2K members can see, not just that you're logged into the S2K website, but that you are also on Skype. Right there and then. In real time. Just click the button to open a call and follow the instructions.

Let's say a music tutor needed to talk to a staff member, or perhaps a student needed to talk to their music tutor, they can go to the staff or tutor profile on the S2K site and, if it shows that they are online, then they are available to take Skype calls. Click the Skype button to make a call to the profile owner. If you don't have Skype on your PC, smartphone or mobile gadget, you will be prompter to install Skype and set up an account.

Hopefully, this facility will also prove useful for band members communicating using audio while logged into S2K.

Many thanks to Steve at UltraJam for all his help in developing the Skype module for S2K, his great coding skills we just couldn't do without!

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Audio and Video uploaded

By mick, 2013-12-10

Hi all!

just a wee blog to let everyone know that I've been doing some test uploads of audio and video files to my profile.

You can find more about Mafia at dougiemartin.com and you can more hilarious videos, CDs, DVDs and downloads at saintandrew.biz

More later...